Weight Loss Q & A

How can Chiropractic Care Help With Weight Loss Goals?

When a person gains weight over a long period of time, the cause may be due to a health condition that prevents them from exercising as they should. With the gain of the extra weight, more damage can be caused to the original injury, preventing it from healing properly. A chiropractor can help to correct the original cause of the condition and combine chiropractic adjustments with deep tissue massage and therapeutic exercises that will help the patient lose weight in a healthy manner. As the patient’s weight begins to drop, it will be easier for them to move and exercise on their own, allowing them to lose more weight at their own pace.

Can Obesity Cause Chronic Back Pain?

Obesity is a common cause of chronic back pain. The excessive amount of weight that the body carries puts stress on the spine. The muscles that help hold the body erect are attached to the skeleton, which supports all aspects of the body. The more weight a person carries, the harder it is for the spine to retain its proper structure. The longer the person carries the weight, the more damage that is caused to the joints of the spine and extremities. The more weight a person weighs, the less likely they are to move. This can also add to the deterioration of the bones and muscles that support the body.

What are Common Obstacles People Experience During Weight Loss?

People who are overweight will face many obstacles during their weight loss journey. Some may be discouraged easily if they don’t see immediate results on the scale. Instead of constantly weighing in, a person should measure inches. In the beginning, muscle begins to build and replaces the fat tissue. Muscle weighs more than fat so the person’s weight may not drop in the beginning. Another common obstacle is relearning how to exercise properly. It is important to work out or exercise on a regular basis so that the person creates a habit of movement that will help them to create healthier lifestyle patterns. Creating patterns takes time, but they are essential if the person wants to keep the weight off on a long-term basis.