Patient Success Stories

Been to Many Other Doctors – Became Pain-Free Here!


Patient Travels From Maryland Just to See Dr. Klein!


Pain Everyday for Over 8 Years…Gone in a Week!


Can Now Walk 50 Miles!


90 Years Old & Experiencing a Decrease in Neurological Symptoms!


It’s a Miracle…


Couldn’t Even Sit – Now Can!


Posture & Low Back Problems – Both Improved in No Time!


Back Pain Since Middle School…


Doctor is a Patient & Refers Patients to Dr. Klein


Couldn’t Stand Up Straight – Now Standing Perfectly!


Severe Low Back Pain For Over a Month – Gone!


Improved Vision When Adjusted!


Shoulder, Sciatica, & Leg Pain – Now Pain Free!


Hurt Back Playing Football – Able to Play the Next Week!


Severe Low Back Pain – Improved in a Week!


Pregnancy Low Back Pain Gone When Adjusted!


Improved Health in Under 2 Months!


Hand & Foot Neuropathy for 2 Years – Better After Visits!


Neck Stiffness – Gone in 1 Visit!


Neck & Shoulder Pain – Feeling Better & Has More Energy!


10 Years of Neck Pain & Poor Posture – Greatly Improved After 5 Visits!


Neck Pain – Feeling Great After Just 1 Adjustment!


Improved Neck Flexibility After Just 1 Adjustment!


1 Adjustment – Migraine Gone!


Back to the Gym After Getting Adjusted!